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Digilent Inc. is a company to help make more engineers through making technology accessible to any audience. Since our founding in 2000, by two engineering educators, Digilent has brought products that blend the world of engineering education with engineering professionals. We not only create hardware that features cutting edge semiconductor technology, but we also offer resources that enable our educators. Resources such as: teaching material, sample labs, shared curriculums, hardware at student affordable prices, student design contests, and an extensive partnership network that caters to Universities. It's no wonder that our products can be found in over 1000 Universities in more than 70 countries! Our expert team of engineers, combined with our manufacturing services and world wide distribution has made us an ideal OEM partner for several leading technology providers such as Xilinx, Cypress and National Instruments. To learn more about our company or to see us in action, please come visit us at http://digilentinc.com/

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Digilent, Inc.

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