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RTXC RTOS for Zynq-7000 AP SoC

  • パーツ番号: RTXC RTOS for Zynq-7000 AP SoC
  • ベンダー: Quadros Systems, Inc.
  • プログラム レベル: メンバー


The RTXC RTOS has been leading the way in innovation. The breakthrough RTXC Quadros RTOS is a fundamentally different approach to real-time operating systems. We have designed our RTOS to address the changing requirements of embedded systems: •Small footprint •Powerful performance •Reliable operation •Highly efficient processing We are not content to continue to sell technology that is just "good enough." Our multi-kernel approach is based on the fact that no single processing model can hope to address the needs of all embedded applications. We used our years of RTOS experience as a launching pad for this new design that provides the flexibility to efficiently support the divergent needs of embedded platforms: DSP, MCU, MPU, convergent (DSP+MPU) and multicore.


  • Design and Configuration Tools. Tools and utilities to make you more productive and give you greater control over your application development.
  • Development-ready Platforms. Integrated software built as a sample project in your chosen tool environment. You can get started immediately by modifying the sample project to meet your requirements.
  • Extensive Protocol Stacks and Middleware. From basic TCP/IP connectivity to advanced communications and higher level application protocols; from simple GUI libraries to powerful 32-bit graphics; from basic FAT file systems to high performance, failsafe N
  • Scalability. Easily migrate to higher (or lower) functionality to best meet your cost and performance requirements.
  • Support for Popular Development Tools. Quadros Systems partners with all of the major development tool providers so that you can be up and running fast with your choice of compiler/debugger.