The Dini Group

  • Alliance Member
  • プログラム メンバー加入年: 2001
  • エンジニア認証: 1
    • La Jolla, CA, US (Headquarters)


The DINI Group has a line of Xilinx-based logic emulation products based on the Virtex7 and Virtex UltraScale/UltraScale+ FPGAs. This product line ranges from single FPGA circuit board to the DNVUF4A, which can support up to 4 of the largest Virtex-UltraScale parts. The DINI Group also brings extensive consulting knowledge and expertise to the following areas: ASIC and FPGA Design consulting -- verilog and VHDL; ASIC prototyping and emulation; Off-the-shelf and custom logic emulation products and services; Design cost reduction; Embedded systems hardware and software design; High-speed digital, analog, and integrated circuit design; Performance improvement; Real time operating system software design; Patent analysis; PCI, PCI-X, and RocketI/O; Logic partitioning across multiple FPGA’s; High-speed memory implementation and design; PWB layout for dense, high pin count BGA's using PADS. WindowsNT, 2000, 3.x, DOS, LINUX, Solaris, and other O/S software and driver design.


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