FMC XM105 Debug Card

  • Price: $159
  • Part Number: HW-FMC-XM105-G
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks
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Product Description

Accelerate Your Designs - Right Out of the Box

The FMC XM105 Debug Card is designed to provide access to many of the pins on the FMC connector found on Xilinx FMC-supported boards including the SP601,SP605 and ML605.

The FMC XM105 Debug Card provides a number of multi-position headers and connectors which break out FPGA interface signals to and from the board interface. A serial IIC bus re-programmable LVDS clock source and a pair of SMA connectors provide differential clock sources to the FMC-supported board FGPA. A 2 Kb serial IIC EEPROM provides non-volatile storage.

Low pin count (LPC) and high pin count (HPC) FMC board connector interfaces are supported. SP601 and SP605 boards provide a single FMC LPC interface. ML605 provides one FMC LPC and one FMC HPC interface. The FMC XM105 Debug Card contains a FMC HPC connector which mates with LPC or HPC FMC-supported board connectors.

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