XDF Presentation Recordings

AI Scientists & Developers

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Ian Ferreria
Chief Product Officer AI
Core Scientific Theft Reduction Through Alveo Video Analytics  
Sumit Gupta
VP, AI, Machine Learning & HPC
IBM IBM's Open-Source Based AI Developer Tools  
Tianqi Chen
Creator of TVM Stack, XGBoost, and MXNet and co-founder of OctoML.ai
Carnegie Mellon University Learning-based Learning Systems  
Professor Kurt Keutzer
Professor at UC Berkeley & Founder of Deepscale
  Fast, Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Nets are the Key to Pervasive Intelligence  
Professor Kei Hiraki
Inventor, Chainer, and Emeritus Professor at University Tokyo
Preferred Networks Development of a very high-speed, low power computer system for Deep Learning at Perferred Networks  
Nick Ni
Director of Product Marketing, Software and AI
Xilinx AI Inference for Versal ACAP  
George Wang
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Software and AI
Kamran Khan
Sr. Product Manager, AI/ML
Xilinx Vitis AI for Cloud to Edge Overview  

Application Software Developers

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Oliver Tremois
SW Technical Marketing AI Engine Tools
Xilinx AI Engine Tools Introduction  
Rob Armstrong
Director, SW Acceleration and AI Technical Marketing
Xilinx Vitis Introduction  
Alvin Clark
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Xilinx Development with Vitis Accelerated Libraries  
Thomas Bollaert
Senior Director
Xilinx A Practical Methodology for Developing Vitis Applications  
Thomas Bollaert
Senior Director
Xilinx Deploying Vitis Applications in the Data-Center  
Fred Revenu
Vivado Product Engineer
Xilinx UltraFast Methodology & Timing Closure  
Sonal Santan
Distinguished Engineer
Xilinx XRT - Acceleration RunTime  

Xilinx Core Vertical Markets

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Paul Zoratti
Director, Xilinx Automotive Solutions/Systems Architect
Xilinx Automotive System Architectures - from ADAS to Autonomous Drive  
Quenton Hall
AI System Architect
Xilinx Exploring the Path Towards Safe and Robust ML in Real-World Systems  
Jason Vidmar
Sr. System Architect - Military & Satellite Communications
Xilinx Machine Learning for Aerospace & Defence Applications  

CTO Track

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Lucian Petrica
Senior Research Scientist
Xilinx FINN: An Open Source Framework for Training and Inference of Quantized Neural Networks  

Data Center

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Seong Kim
Sr. Director Datacenter Architecture
Xilinx Accelerating Database and Data Analytics Workloads  
Dilip Ramachandran
Senior Director, Marketing Data Center Ecosystem Alliances & Solutions
John W Lockwood
Algo-Logic Systems, Inc. Ultra Low Latency Trading with FPGAs Using Algorithms in Logic to Process Real-Time Data  
Roy Liao PH.D.
Founder & CEO
Aupera From Edge to Cloud, Aupera's FPGA Solution is Changing the Landscape of Video AI Computing  
Dan Gibbons
VP Software Development, Xilinx Data Center Group
Xilinx Enabling ISV Developers with the Vitis Development Platform  
Dan Eaton
Sr. Manager, Market Development, Accelerated Computing
Xilinx Database and Data Analytics Ecosystem  
Ping Fan
Founder & CEO
DeePoly Ultra-high Performance Image Processing with Alveo Accelerator Cards  
Niraj Mathur
VP of High Speed Interface Products
GigaIO Next-Gen Networking for Heterogeneous Compute & Storage  
Thad Omura
EVP Marketing & Operations
Scaleflux Data Driven Application Gravitate to Computational Storage  
Nick Tausanovitch
Director of System Architecture
Xilinx Adaptable SmartNIC Platform for Network Acceleration Technical Preview  
Ahmet Houssein
Sr. Director of Data Center Marketing
Jason Viehland
System Architect
Phil Vachon
CTO Security Architecture
Maurice Penners
Principal Engineer
Xilinx Building Video & Imaging Solutions for Xilinx Alveo  
John Nichols
Distinguished Engineer
Roop Ganguly
Chief Solutions Architect
Bigstream Bigstream Technology Applied to Samsung SmartSSD Computational Storage Device  
Oliver Gunasekara
Advisor to Data Center Group
Xilinx The Future of Video Encoding  
Mikhail Tushentsov
VP Engineering
SciComp, Inc. Advanced Monte Carlo Simulations on FPGA Financial Derivatives Pricing Applications  
Arnaud Derasse
Enyx Ultra Low Latency SmartNIC Development Framework  
Sebastian Turullols
Senior Director, Acceleration & IP Solutions
Xilinx FPGAs: Accelerating Data Center Applications in the Storage Tier  
Pankaj Mehra
VP, Product Planning
Adam Malamy
Director of Engineering
Xilinx Enabling V-Nova Perseus Video Compression IP Using Xilinx HEVC Encoder  
Obioma Okehie
Group Lead, FPGA
Alastair Richardson
Global Business Development - Finacial Technology
Xilinx Xilinx Financial Technology Solutions  
Pankaj Mehra
VP, Product Planning
Samsung Samsung SmartSSD Platform  

Embedded SW Development

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Troy Jones
Embedded Software Product Marketing
Xilinx Embedded Software for Versal  
Terry O'Neal
Marketing Engineer - Embedded Software & Compute
Xilinx Connecting Embedded Edge Devices to the Cloud  
Aniket Kolarkar
Embedded Platform Marketing
Xilinx Versal Platform Management  
John Blevins
Senior Manager, Embedded Software & Ecosystem
Xilinx Building Mixed Criticality Software Architectures on Versal  
Yashu Gosain
Sr. Solution Manager
Xilinx Multimedia Solutions  

Hardware Development

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
David Dye
Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer
Xilinx Dynamic Function eXchange: Get More Out of Your Platform  
Ron Plyer
Vivado Product Marketing
Xilinx RTL Synthesis Methodology  
Premduth Vidyanandan
Director of Software and AI Products
Xilinx System Level Design and Verification in Versal ACAP  
Brandon Day
Technical Marketing - NoC, DDR and HBM
Ambrose Finnerty
Xilinx DSP Technical Marketing Manager
Xilinx AI Engine Architecture Overview  
Brian Philofsky
Principal Technical Marketing Engineer - Power/Thermal
Xilinx How to Properly Manage Power and Thermal Design on Your Next Project  
Sumit Shah
Sr. Director of Silicon and B&K Product Line Marketing and Management
Xilinx Versal Architecture Overview  
Manuel Uhm
Director, Silicon Marketing
Asad Riaz
Director - Embedded Platforms Marketing
Xilinx Versal Embedded System Design  
Emmanuel Puillet
Senior Technical Marketing Embedded Subsytems Engineer

Wired & Wireless Communications

Speaker Company Title of Presentation Video
Paul Newson
Wireless Systems Architect
Xilinx Versal AI Engines: Adaptable Compute for 5G Wireless Signal Processing  
Martin Gilpatric
Transceiver Technical Marketing
Xilinx Versal Transceiver Tools  
Mike Wissolik
Director of Product Marketing
Xilinx Versal Architecture and Design Methodologies for Communications  
Anthony Torza
Distinguished Engineer
Xilinx Xilinx Accelerator Cards for 5G Telco Data Center