MAU Accelerator


The MAU Accelerator achieves both deterministic low tail latency and high throughput, without trading off one against the other. This enables the use of higher quality models in a given latency and significant savings in infrastructure costs and energy consumption. The MAU Accelerator runs on the Alveo U250 and supports an industry-standard ONNX-based development flow enabling neural network models developed using standard frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch or MXnet to be deployed easily on it. Designed for applications including: Speech Transcription Natural Language Processing Speech Synthesis Time Series Analysis Payment & Trading Fraud Detection Recommendation Systems


  • Deterministic low tail latency
  • Improved latency-bounded throughput
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Enables use of higher quality models under a given latency bound
  • Reduced energy consumption

オンプレミス ソリューション

  • Alveo U250


  • Machine Learning