AR# 10010


EXEMPLAR - Generic map value on instantiated component gets attached to the instance name


Keywords: unexpanded, TCL, black box, port, map, instance, leonardo, spectrum, map

Urgency: Standard

When using a generic map, Leonardo Spectrum writes out black box components
with the generic map value appended in the EDIF netlist . This causes an
unexpanded error in NGDBuild, because the black boxes are not defined in
the netlist.

This will happen if each VHDL file is read with an individual read statement.
To correct this, collect all VHDL files in one list, and read the list with one
read statement.


Example of correct TCL script:

set part v400epq240
set process 8
set working_dir "./"
read {"./common/_package.vhd"} -work lib_packages
read {"./common/_package_body.vhd"} -work lib_packages

# List the VHDL files in one read command
read {
} -work test_lib

optimize -ta xcve -hier auto
auto_write ./top.edf
AR# 10010
日付 04/20/2007
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