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3.1i Install - When upgrading from Standard to Elite, the new "Product ID" replaces "CD Key."


Keywords: Standard, Elite, upgrade, CD key, product ID, 3.1i Install

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General Description:
I want to upgrade my Foundation 3.1i from Standard to Elite, and have purchased
the upgrade. How will my upgrade be enabled? Will I receive a new "CD Key"?


Beginning in version 3.1i "CD Key" has been replaced by "Product ID."
The upgrade files are included in the original CD, so there is no additional
software to download or install. Upgrading requires you to re-register with the
new Product ID that you received at the time of your upgrade purchase.

Follow these instructions to upgrade your software:

1. Go to the Xilinx software registration page, and follow the registration instructions:

2. Enter the new "Product ID" field, and complete the licensing information.

3. Generate a new Registration ID; your new license will be sent via e-mail.

4. If you are a Base User, you need to update your license file. To do this, make
a backup of the original license file (license.dat), then copy the new license file
over the original license file.

5. Follow the installation procedure using your new Registration ID (an uninstall is
not necessary), and select the additional devices you desire.
AR# 10012
日付 09/17/2002
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