AR# 10151


LogiCORE PCI/PCI-X - Can BARs be initialized to a static address after a reset?


General Description:

Can the BARs in Xilinx LogiCORE PCI and PCI-X be initialized to a static address during a reset?


Version 3.0 PCI LogiCORE

The addition of this feature requires changes to the LogiCORE PCI source files. These changes cannot be performed by the user.

For the Xilinx LogiCORE PCI, please visit the "XPERT Consultant for PCI" page at:

Version 5.0 PCI-X LogiCORE

This feature is already allowed in PCI-X LogiCORE, and no further changes to the core are necessary. This is known as the "instant on" feature. These "instant on" configuration options are intended for systems that may be point-to-point with no "host" in the system. This allows two point-to-point devices, each with power-up enabled, to move data with their Base Address Registers pre-programmed.

For more information, please see Chapter 3 of "The Real PCI-X LogiCORE Design Guide". The LogiCORE Design Guide is available at:

AR# 10151
日付 12/15/2012
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