AR# 10166


3.1i Install (SP) - Error: /tmp/.xinstall/###### : Cannot create.


Keywords: tmp, .xinstall, create, cannot, service pack, install

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:
I am attempting to start an install on Solaris/HP platform, but when I
type "setup," I see this error:

/tmp/.xinstall/<some file name> : Cannot create.


The Xilinx installer uses the /tmp/.xinstall directory as a temporary directory.
Once the install has completed, this directory is removed. However, if for
some reason the install was interrupted before completion, this temporary
directory might not be removed.

If you are the only user that has tried to install on the machine, you will see a
message stating that the problem exists and advising you to simply remove
the temporary directory before continuing. However, if another user ran a previous
install that did not complete on the same machine, there will be files left over in the
/tmp/.xinstall directory that you will not have access to remove.

The above error message signals this problem.

To correct the situation, change directory to /tmp/.xinstall, and do a 'ls -la'. See
who owns the directory, and have that user delete it. Once this is done, you should
be able to successfully run the install.
AR# 10166
日付 09/17/2002
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