AR# 1022


Quicksim II: No-connects appear on Fncsim8-created schematic containing XBLOX


Keywords: simulation, funcsim8, xblox

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When you run Fncsim8 -o (use original schematic) on a design that contains
XBLOX components, Fncsim8 generates a simulation model that looks similar
to your original schematic in a component called simdir/design_name. If
the original schematic has any pin vertices connected by a zero-length net
(i.e., has any pin vertices laying on top of each other), the "clone"
schematic shows no-connects (those circle-with-the-slash-in-the-middle
symbols) on these vertices. The no-connects occur in any location where
there are two vertices laying on top of each other in the new, generated



The best solution to this problem is to go back to the original schematic
and move any coincident vertices apart, so that you can see the net between


You can open the simdir/design in pld_da and do a Connect -> Connect All
(from the right-mouse-button pop-up menu) then a Check and Save on each
sheet. Then rerun pld_dve_sim simdir/design before rerunning Quicksim.
AR# 1022
日付 10/01/2008
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