AR# 10374


4.1i Virtex-E - MAP may create unplacable slices from overlapping range constraints


Keywords: ERROR:Place:1840 , 1840, constrained, range, overlapping

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
MAP combines comps from overlapping NCF range constraints into the same slice; it then assigns a PCF range constraint to the resulting slice that is the intersection of the two ranges. The two ranges are R61C1:R80C50 and R35C49:R61C87, which combine to the limited range of R61C49:R61C50.

The result is that 20 slices are constrained to a range that can handle only 4. This leads to the PAR error:

ERROR:Place:1840 - The design has objects that are constrained to the range of sites between CLB_R61C49.S1 and CLB_R61C50.S0. The number of objects constrained to the range (20) is too large for the size of the range capacity (4).


To work around this problem, do not overlap range constraints.
AR# 10374
日付 08/20/2003
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