AR# 10389


3.1i COREGEN - 3.1i_ip_update 2 contains new Block Memory and Multiplier that will superceed previous version of cores.


Keywords: single, dual, port memory, multiplier, multiply, generator,
dynamic, constant, coefficient, variable, parallel, obsolete, d_ip2,
ip, update,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In D_IP2, Block Memory Cores and Multiplier Cores have been re-arranged.
Consequently, it is not obvious which cores are the latest.

From the CORE Generator GUI, selecting "Project -> Update Cores ->
All To Latest" should allow only the latest cores to be visible in the COREGen
GUI (the older versions should be hidden). However, because of slight changes
in new core names, and multiple cores that have been merged into one, some of
the older-version cores will still be visible.

The older-version cores are still valid for use; however, it is recommended to
use the newer ones, as they have been enhanced and may contain bug fixes.


1. DUAL PORT BLOCK MEMORY v3_0 should be used for Virtex, Virtex-E,
Spartan-II, and for Virtex-II. This core will supercede:

Block Memory Dual Port Virtex-II: v2_0
Block Memory Single Port Virtex-II: v2_0
Dual Port Block Memory : v1_0
Single Port Block Memory: v1_0

2. MULTIPLIER v2_0 for Virtex, Virtex-II, Virtex-E and Spartan-II
is now capable of generating the following functions:

- Parallel Multiplier
- Sequential and Serial-sequential Multiplier
- Fixed and Reloadable Constant Coefficient Multiplier.

This core supercedes the following cores:

Variable Parallel Multiplier: v2_0
Dynamic Constant Coefficient Multiplier : v2_0
AR# 10389
日付 08/23/2002
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