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Mentor: Board-level simulation with DS-343 v3.x and Quicksim I


What is the methodology for board-level simulation in Mentor 7 and Quicksim?


The LCA_Timing program generates a symbol (simsymbol) to represent an LCA

design, and places that symbol on a sheet (simsheet) to expand it for later

simulation. You can use this symbol for board-level simulation as follows:

1. Copy all files and links from the simsymbol directory into simsheet:

cpf simsymbol/?*.?* simsheet

cpl simsymbol/?*.?* simsheet

2. Draw the board-level schematic using NetEd. To place the symbol for your

LCA design, select:

Parts -> By Name

and fill in the path name for the simsheet.

3. Add a COMP property and value to the LCA symbol. Select the symbol and


Property Add -> COMP <comp value>

4. Expand the board-level design with the command:

expand <board design name>

From the basic operation menu, select:

Set Up -> Quicksim



and insert the expanded design file for the LCA symbol using the


insert design comp <comp value>

run -list


5. Run Quicksim.

AR# 104
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