AR# 1045


Foundation Simulator - XC7300/XC9500 flip-flop outputs are unknown (PRLD signal)


Keywords: outputs, flip-flop, undefined, state, CPLD, timing simulation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When performing a Timing Simulation on a CPLD design, flip-flops outputs go into
undefined states, even though the Functional Simulation was successful.

The Foundation Simulator does not toggle the PRLD signal during the Power-on/
Reset initialization; the PRLD signal is present in the post-fitted netlist, so if this
signal is not toggled at the beginning of the simulation, the flip-flops are will not be
properly initialized.


At the beginning of the simulation, toggle the PRLD signal.

Add the signal "PRLD" to the Waveform Viewer Window. PRLD is active-high, so
drive it high, then low, at the start of the simulation to initialize all the flip-flops.

The PRLD signal should be toggled automatically in Foundation Logic Simulator
versions 1.5 and later.
AR# 1045
日付 04/23/2001
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種類 一般
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