AR# 10463


LogiCORE Sine-Cosine Look-Up Table (Sin Cos LUT) v2.1 - After installing D_IP2, I cannot select the Sine-Cosine Look-UP Table for generation (4000 and Spartan families).


Keywords: D_IP2, COREGen, core, generator, sine, cosine, look up table, lut, XC4000, Spartan

After installing the D_IP2 update, I cannot see the Sine-Cosine Look-UP Table
v_1.0 for generation. (NOTE: v2.1 is for Virtex and Spartan-II families only.)


For the CORE Generator GUI:

- Go to Project -> Update Cores -> Custom.
- Navigate down to Math Functions -> Sine-Cosine LUT folder.
- Delect Sine-Cosine Look-UP Table v1.0.
- Click on "OK."

If you have "project option" set to XC4000, you should now be able to select v1.0 of Sine-Cosine LUT.

Please See (Xilinx Answer 30162) for a detailed list of LogiCORE Sine-Cosine Look-Up Table (Sin Cos LUT) Release Notes and Known Issues.
AR# 10463
日付 08/20/2008
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