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3.1i Install - Error: "Cannot load a 3.1i Service Pack into a 2.1i environment."


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Problem Description:
When I try to load a 3.1i Service Pack, I encounter the following error message:

"Cannot load a 3.1i Service Pack into a 2.1i environment."

However, I have completely un-installed 2.1i, and only 3.1i is residing on the computer.


The installer reads a text file (fileset.txt) that is located in your Xilinx install directory to
check the installation history. Unfortunately, a problem with the 2.1i uninstall keeps it
from removing this file, and 3.1i install information is appended to the 2.1i information
in the file.

This will cause both 2.1i and 3.1i information to appear in the same fileset.txt, which
can cause this error message to appear.

The solution is to simply remove the 2.1i entries from the fileset.txt.

Xilinx recommends that you do this by first creating a backup of this file,
then opening it up (with a text editor) and deleting all 2.1i entries until the
<date> :: product=<FISE/ALLIANCE/FOUNDATION>
<date> :: version=3.1i

Removing these lines will have not affect the software. Save this edited
file, and try to install the service pack again.
AR# 10473
日付 06/13/2002
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