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3.1i Install - Solaris Virtex-II Early Access CD (v3.2.03i): "Error - /<directory>/..."


General Description:

I am installing the Solaris Virtex-II Early Access CD, version 3.2.03i. During the

install, I receive numerous errors that state:

" /<xilinx directory>/.xinstall/mnf/Virtex2_<device>.mod"

What can I do to fix this?


This is a known problem with the Early Access CD. To work around this

issue, please run the install from the CD Rom directory directly. For example,

if your CD-Rom is located in /cdrom, it might look like:

<home> : cd /cdrom/xilinx#1

/cdrom/xilinx#1 : ./setup

This should correct the problem.

AR# 10519
日付 04/13/2010
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