AR# 10554


3.1i Foundation ISE Project Navigator - Page fault in LIBPJ_PDCLIMPL.DLL


Keywords: LIBPJ_PDCLIMPL.DLL, page fault, ISE, Project Navigator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When re-opening a design in Project Navigator, I encounter the following warning:

"This project was last saved with '2V50 FG256-5', which is not supported
by this installation of ISE. The project will be opened with an appropriate
default for this project type."

When I click on "OK," the following page fault appears (using Windows 98):

"PROJNAV caused an invalid page fault in module LIBPJ_PDCLIMPL.DLL
at 015f:0081c7d4."


This is the result of giving a source file the same name as a Xilinx part (e.g., "virtex.vhd").

Changing the name to "virtex_top.vhd" will resolve the issue.
AR# 10554
日付 01/15/2003
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