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Virtex-E IBIS Models - What is the difference between LVDS_TSF and LVDS_MIX?


In the Virtex-E IBIS file, there are two separate models for LVDS: LVDS_TSF and LVDS_MIX. What is the difference between these models?


All IBIS models provide three columns of data: Min, Typ, and Max. These correspond to the PVT (Process, Voltage, Temperature) conditions that were simulated within HSPICE in order to generate the models. Typically, Min = low voltage, high temperature, and slow process. Max = high voltage, low temperature, and fast process. 


The difference between LVDS_TSF and LVDS_MIX models is the PVT conditions used to create them. The LVDS_TSF model was derived with the PVT conditions outlined above, while the LVDS_MIX was derived with a slightly different combination of PVT conditions. 


Both LVDS_TSF and LVDS_MIX models should be simulated in order to verify signal integrity. Note that this approach is unique to Virtex-E. 


IBIS models of all Xilinx devices can be found at:

AR# 10558
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