AR# 10600


**Obsolete** ChipScope Analyzer - ChipScope waveform window does not display last sample properly


Keywords: Chipscope, Analzyer, waveform, last, sample, display

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The ChipScope waveform window does not display the last sample in its entirety -- it only displays the transition at the sample tick.

For example, if 512 samples are displayed as an 8-bit bus, the first 511 samples (i.e., sample ticks 0 through 510) are displayed with a transition (if needed) and a stable part. However, the last sample (sample tick 511) is displayed with only the transition (i.e., no stable part).


The X or O cursor can be moved to the last sample, and the value viewed in the pane next to the signal name. This is the only way to view the last sample of buses. Single bits can be seen with the transition (vertical line) shown. Lack of the vertical line indicates "no change" for the last sample.
AR# 10600
日付 09/26/2005
ステータス アーカイブ
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