AR# 10617


3.1isp5 TRCE- TRCE crashes with a Dr. Watson error when I attempt to view unconstrained paths


General Description:

When I attempt to check the "Report Unconstrained Paths" box during an analysis against timing constraints (in the GUI), TRCE runs for a few moments, then crashes and reports a Dr. Watson error.


To work around this problem, add a MAXDELAY constraint to the PCF, as in the following example:

timegrp "rams" = RAMS (*) ;

TS01 = maxdelay from comp "Clk" to timegrp "rams" 20.0 nS;

Please note that this is a coarse constraint, and it will remove all paths from the above OFFSET IN constraint.

This problem was fixed in the 4.1i software.

AR# 10617
日付 01/18/2010
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