AR# 10621


3.1i Install - Service Pack 6 freezes or hangs when installing the Aldec update.


Keywords: SP6, 3.1i, Service Pack 6, install, Foundation, Aldec, freeze, hang, update, Windows NT

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
During the installation of the service pack, the Aldec update installation program hangs or freezes. (The Aldec update has
actually been installed, but the install application does not continue.)



In some cases, the main installer is erroneously waiting for the Aldec Update to finish. If you delete the "AldecSPIns.out" file located in your temp directory, the installation should resume.

In Windows NT, your temp directory is specified by the TEMP environment variable, which is usually c:\TEMP. In Windows 95/98, your temp directory can be set by your TEMP environment variable in AUTOEXEC.BAT (it will otherwise default to C:\windows\temp).


You can also avoid this by running the service pack installation without the Aldec update checked. When the service pack installation has completed, you can run the Aldec separately.
AR# 10621
日付 08/19/2002
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