AR# 10674


3.1i Install - Correct order for installation of Virtex-II support with 3.3.06i Device Update CD, SP6, Speed Files - BitGen patch


Keywords: 3.1i, install, 3.3.06i Device Update CD, Virtex-II, SP6, order dependence,
speed files, BitGen

Urgency: Standard.

General Description:
Installing support for Virtex-II devices requires that the 3.3.06i Device Update CD,
Service Pack 6, and Speed Files patches be installed in a specific order.



For full Virtex-II device support, there are three installation steps that are order-dependent.
Regardless of the software tool installed, the OS platform, or devices previously installed, the
installation steps are the same.

You must (1) install the Device Update CD, (2) then Service Pack 6, (3) then apply the Speed
Files and BitGen patch that are described in (Xilinx Solution 10483). (The download link to the
patch is in the solution, which also contains instructions for installing the new Speed Files and
BitGen files.)

If you have not previously installed Virtex-II devices and have previously installed Service
Pack 6, you must still install support according to the above steps, (including the re-installation
of Service Pack 6.)

If you are an Early Access Virtex-II customer, do not apply Service Pack 6 without first
installing the Device Update CD according to the above steps. If this has been done inadvertently
and the tool flow has been broken, it is not necessary to uninstall or reinstall your original software.
Simply follow the steps above, and your tool flow will be restored along with the updated Virtex-II files.

After completion, Foundation Series 3.1i and Foundation ISE users will see a Virtex-II option appear
in their GUI. You do not need to run any previous installation CDs for this option to appear.


NOTE: As of Service Pack 7, these steps are no longer necessary; simply run the
update CD, and apply SP7.

AR# 10674
日付 04/09/2001
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