AR# 10699


3.1i CORE Generator - Variable Parallel Multiplier Error:The core cannot be generated when input is '4' in Input Data Width(A) and '2' (B).


Keywords: CORE Generator, variable parallel multiplier, muliply generator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When generating a CORE Generator Variable Parallel Multiplier v2_0 with Input
Data Width(A) = 4 and Input Data Width(B) = 2, I encounter the following error

ERROR: Elaboration of core Variable_Parallel_Multiplier failed.
ERROR: Customization parameter rule checks failed. Terminating core
elaboration: 2-bit multiplier (Data Width B=2) cannot have pipelined
registers only output registers
ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure to set Sim customization parameters for
core Variable_Parallel_Multiplier
ERROR: Elaboration of core Variable_parallel_Multiplier failed.


This is a GUI problem that involves accepting certain combinations of input width.

Variable Parallel Multiplier v2_0 is being replaced by Multiply Generator v2_0 (Multiplier
v2_0), which was released with CORE Generator IP Update #2. If a problem occurs while
generating Variable Parallel Multiplier, use Multiply Generator instead.
AR# 10699
日付 08/23/2002
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種類 一般
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