AR# 10771


1.0 JDRIVE - Error - Device with name (device name) already exists.


General Description: 

When running JDRIVE by a batch file, the following error message is given: 


Error - Device with name device1 already exists. 



This error message will occur when the .cmd file created by the user batch  

file has the same device defined more than one time.  


This commonly happens when the .cmd file is not deleted between runs.  

The following line in the user batch file will append to, not overwrite, the  

.cmd file: 


echo device1 -b"1532_bsdl_file.bsd" -a "action" -d"isc_data_file.isc";>>command_file.cmd 


To solve this problem, simply delete the .cmd file between runs. You may  

automate this process by deleting the previous .cmd file at the beginning of  

the batch file.


For example: 


If a batch file containing this line: 


echo device1 -b"(1532_bsdl_file.bsd" -a "action" -d"isc_data_file.isc";>>command_file.cmd 


is run twice, the resulting command file will look like this: 


device1 -b"1532_bsdl_file.bsd" -a "action" -d"isc_data_file.isc"; 

device1 -b"1532_bsdl_file.bsd" -a "action" -d"isc_data_file.isc"; 


The error message occurs because device1 is defined twice.

AR# 10771
日付 05/14/2014
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