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1.0 J Drive - What is IEEE-STD-1532?


What is IEEE-STD-1532?


IEEE-STD-1532 is a new IEEE standard for communicating with devices in a JTAG chain. IEEE 1532 is a "superset" of the previous standard, IEEE 1149.1; this means that 1532-compliant devices can coexist with 1149.1-compliant devices in the same boundary scan chain.

Software support for IEEE-STD-1532 is provided by J Drive.

Software support for IEEE-STD-1149.1 is provided by JTAG Programmer.

For more information on IEEE-STD-1532 and J Drive, see (Xilinx Answer 10759), (Xilinx Answer 10758), and the J Drive product page accessible at:

Select the J Drive link under "Configuration Software".

AR# 10774
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