AR# 10828


4.2i Foundation Logic Simulator - Script Wizard writes hierarchical signal names incorrectly ("Error: Unknown pin name")


Keywords: Logic, Simulator, Aldec, Script, Wizard, Editor, /, \, slash, back, unknown, pin, name

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General Description:
When I use the Aldec Logic Simulator to run a functional simulation and then use the Script Editor Wizard to create a script, the name of a hierarchical signal is written into the script using backslash characters as follows:


This is acceptable for functional simulation, but does not work in timing simulation. For timing simulation to be successful, the signals must be written out with forward-slash characters, as follows:


If I use backslash characters, an "Unknown pin name _____ " error is reported when I run the script.



To avoid the above error, manually create the script using forward-slash characters ("/").


You can ensure that your script will work for both timing and functional simulation by creating it for timing simulation in the Script Editor (i.e., open the logic simulator using the "Timing Simulation" button.)
AR# 10828
日付 08/11/2003
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