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AR# 10843

4.1i CORE Generator - How do I automatically create a new project when CORE Generator is running in batch mode?


Keywords: COREGen, project, create, batch mode

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I automatically create a new project when CORE Generator is running in a batch mode?


Step 1: Creating New Project

Assuming you have not yet created a CORE Generator project, you will first need to create a coregen.prj file. (If you already have a valid coregen.prj file, skip to Step 2.)

a.) Create a batch file using a text editor. It must contain the single command:

NewProject <path_to_project>

For example, suppose the name of the .bat file is "new_proj.bat", and the directory in which you wish to create a new CORE Generator project is "C:\my_project\coregen". The file "new_proj.bat" will contain the following single line:

NewProject c:\my_project\coregen

b.) Now, run the following command from a DOS prompt:

coregen -b new_proj.bat

This creates a directory called "C:\my_project\coregen"and a coregen.prj project file in a new directory with default settings (e.g., family = virtex).

Step 2: Generating a Core

CORE Generator must now be invoked a second time with an .xco or .bat file containing generation parameters for a core using the syntax:

coregen -p <new_project_path> -b <name_of_xcofile>

(NOTE: The XCO file can be created using a text editor or by generating a core through initial use of the CORE Generator GUI. The .xco parameters may be modified manually to change the settings.)
AR# 10843
日付 09/11/2003
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種類 一般