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7.1i ISE - How do I modify the color settings in the ISE Text Editor?


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How do I modify the color settings for the ISE Text Editor?


The following files contain the HDL Editor color settings; they are located in the "%Xilinx%\data" directory:

HDLeditor.cfg (in ISE version 6.3i and earlier) or ISETextEditor.cfg (in ISE 7.1i)

NOTE: Be sure to make backup copies of these files before modifying them.

HDLeditor.cfg or ISETextEditor.cfg
This file contains Background, Text, and Comment color settings. To modify these settings for VHDL, Verilog, and ABEL files, you must add a number of lines to the HDLeditor.cfg file. Modify the file so that the following three lines are included in the VHDL, Verilog, and ABEL sections:

Default Text="n,n,n"

(The "n,n,n" will be replaced with the desired RGB color.)

abellang.ecc -- verilang.ecc -- vhdllang.ecc - ucflang.ecc
These files contain language-specific color settings. You can modify the RGB settings in these files to select the desired color scheme.
AR# 10966
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