AR# 11050


WebPACK 3.3 AHDL2BLIF - "Assertion failed runtime error in ahdl2blif.exe File../s/infer.cxx" is reported when an ABEL file is compiled using the XST flow


Keywords: ABEL, XST, WebPACK, assertion, infer, CXX, AHDL2BLIF, arithmetic inference, runtime, visual C++

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to compile an ABEL file using the XST flow, the following error is reported:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program c:\webpack\webpack\bin\nt\ahdl2blf.exe
File: ../s/infer.cxx
Line : 991

Expression NULL != pRValue && NULL != pLValue"


This error will occur if you are using the XST flow with "Arithmetic Inferencing" selected in the "Compile" options.

(This problem was caused by an error in the inferencing sub-program; it was fixed in the 4.1i software release.)

To work around this issue, either use the ABEL-BLIF flow or turn off Arithmetic Inferencing.

To use the ABEL-BLIF flow:

- Select "Properties" from the Source menu.
- In the "Synthesis Tool" option box, select "ABEL-BLIF."

To turn off Arithmetic Inferencing:

- Right-click on "Compile Design" and select "Properties."
- Select the "Compile Logic" tab.
- Un-check the box for "Enable Arithmetic Inferencing."
AR# 11050
日付 08/15/2002
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