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Foundation Aldec - How do I change the editor in Foundation Aldec?


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General Description:
How can I change to a different editor in Foundation Aldec?


There are two locations where the editor can be changed, depending on
what reports are being viewed:

1. The editor preference for Project Manager can be assigned using the
following steps:

- Select File ->Preferences -> Configuration...
- In the Configuration window, select "Text Editor"
- Type the directory location of the desired text editor in the "Value:" line

2. To change to a different editor for implementation-related reports the Design
Manager, the Text Editor preference needs to be changed. To do this:

- Start the Design Manager (Start->Programs->Xilinx Foundation Series ->
Accessories->Design Manager)
- Select File -> Preferences
- Change the top line ("Editor for viewing files") to the editor you wish to use.
AR# 11243
日付 08/11/2003
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