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Synplify 6.2 - Cross-probing: No interaction occurs between Synplicity/Leonardo Spectrum and the TRCE XML file or NGDBuild error file


When I perform cross-probing between Timing Analyzer and Synplicity, there seems to be no interaction between the two tools. When I click the blue signal in the trce.xml file, the appropriate path is not highlighted in Synplicity.


Synplify must be completely set up for cross-probing before any implementation tools are launched. Ensure that all implementation executables are closed before you execute these steps: 


1. Run Synplify Pro. 

2. Open the design project in Synplify/Synplify Pro. 

3. Select HDL Analyst -> Technology and select the hierarchical or flattened view. 

4. Select HDL Analyst -> External Cross Probing Engaged. This enables external cross-probing. 

5. Display the XML file as described on page 2 of the application note "Cross-Probing to Synplicity and Exemplar" (Xilinx XAPP406). The timing report in the Timing Analyzer window will display navigable paths and instances as illustrated in Figure 9. 

6. Once Synplify has been completely set up for cross-probing, you may open executables in the back-end implementation. 

7. Click on the nets or data paths in the XML file to highlight the path in Synplify. 


Also see (Xilinx Answer 24423) for more information.


For LeonardoSpectrum: 


1. Create the design netlist in Leonardo. 

2. Close Leonardo. 

3. Launch the implementation tools and generate the navigation report or the trce.xml file. 

4. Re-launch Leonardo and follow the setup steps as listed in the "Cross-Probing to Synplicity and Exemplar" application note (Xilinx XAPP406). 


Also see (Xilinx Answer 24423) for more information.

AR# 11247
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