AR# 1127


SYNOPSYS: The entity .. depends on the package std_logic_arith. Reanalyze the source


The FPGA compiler returns the following error:

The entity add_sub_tc depends on the package std_logic_arith, which
has been analyzed more recently. Please reanalyze the source for
add_sub_tc and try again.


(a) The XSI Xblox libraries need to be reanalyzed for the
customer's version of Synopsys.

(b) The XSI Xblox libraries cannot be used with the custoemr's
current version of Synopsys.

(c) The Xblox libraries are analyzed, but the customer path to
the Xblox libraires in the .synopsys_dc.setup file is

(d) The customer's 'paths' in the .cshrc and .synopsys_dc.setup
files are incorrect.

(e) The customer cannot 'see' the $DS401 area correctly or
portions of the ds401 installation are missing.

AR# 1127
日付 11/08/2004
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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