AR# 1132


Foundation Simulator - "Invalid chip descriptor" error while loading netlist


Keywords: invalid, chip, descriptor

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While loading a netlist for functional simulation, the following error appears in
the Foundation Project Manager:

SIM : Invalid chip descriptor



This error is also issued when the netlist for one of the macros is corrupted.

Look in the Foundation Project Manager to determine which macro was being loaded
when the error was issued. Open this macro in the Schematic Editor and make a minor
change (e.g., move an I/O terminal). Save the macro and regenerate the netlist by
selecting Options -> Create Netlist.


Symbols with pins of type PAS (passive) may also cause this error.

In the Symbol Editor, make sure that all symbol pins are of type IN, OUT, or HIZ (3-state).


One possible cause of this error is a user-created symbol that is of type "FPGA
Symbol". This symbol type can only be used in board-level simulations.

Open the symbol in the Symbol Editor. Un-check the box in the upper right that
is labeled "FPGA Symbol".
AR# 1132
日付 04/04/2001
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