AR# 11386


5.1i CORE Generator - In an ISE project, the COREGen GUI is not displayed in the Windows taskbar when the XCO file is double-clicked


Keywords: re-entrant, reentrant, XCO, batch mode, CORE Generator, COREGen, Windows 2000, Win2K, Windows, task bar, GUI, core

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The CORE Generator GUI is not available in the Windows taskbar when I attempt to invoke it by double-clicking on an XCO file in an ISE project.

When I double-click on an XCO file for a pre-existing core in my project, CORE Generator opens; however, only the actual core window appears -- the main COREGen GUI does not open.


The problem occurs because the Windows "anti-pop-up" processes are pushing the Java windows into the background.

To bring the CORE Generator windows forward, press the Alt -> Tab keys to cycle through the active processes on your system.
AR# 11386
日付 03/04/2008
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