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5.1i ISE Install - How much memory is available for supported operating systems?


Keywords: WINE, Linux, OS, windows, support, memory, GB, Sun Solaris

What memory limitations exist for the supported 5.1i ISE operating systems?



Microsoft Windows:

- Windows 2K Pro - 2GB
- Windows 2K Server - 2GB
- Windows XP Home - 2GB
- Windows XP Pro - 3 GB is possible (for 5.1i only) by changing the boot.ini file. Please see (Xilinx Answer 14932) for more information.



- Linux w/ WINE - 2.8 GB is possible for the Xilinx version of WINE available in (Xilinx Answer 14931). Otherwise, standard WINE has a 2 GB limit.
- Solaris 2.8 - 4 GB

NOTE: For each OS, the maximum memory available to an application is listed, but this does not include system overhead. Therefore, the observed maximum available memory may be less than the number given.
AR# 11712
日付 03/26/2006
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