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5.1i CORE Generator - When I selecting the Web Browser button on a Solaris machine, Netscape will not appear: "Netscape: Couldn't find our resources?"


General Description:

(NOTE: This Answer Record is applicable to your situation if you are able to run Netscape in stand-alone mode [outside of CORE Generator 4.2i or 5.1i].)

When I invoke a Web browser by going through the CORE Generator Help menu, or by clicking on the COREGen "Web Browser" button at the bottom of the CORE Generator GUI, Netscape is not brought up on my Solaris operating system.

Netscape displays the following message (which is not visible to users because COREGen does not display Netscape's standard error output):

"Netscape: Couldn't find our resources?"


The above message could mean that there is an inappropriate "Netscape" file installed in the app-defaults directory. Check the following environment variables and the directories to which they point:




Also, look for this file in your home directory or in the directory called "app-defaults", which should be under /usr/lib/.

First, verify that you can start up Netscape in stand-alone mode to confirm that your environment is set up correctly and that the tool is available on your network. If you cannot start it up in stand-alone, this problem must be fixed (by correcting your setup script and/or installing the Netscape software on your system).

If you are able to run Netscape in stand-alone mode:

The problem may be associated with an interaction between Netscape's use of the LANG variable to set up its locale setting and missing ISO patches on your system. If the Solaris "LANG" environment variable is set to "C", as it is on most Solaris systems by default ("LANG=C"), Netscape cannot be launched from CORE Generator because this causes the locale information to be mishandled in the Java environment.

Possible solutions to this problem:

1. For English locales, unset the LANG variable before launching COREGen, as follows:

UNIX Prompt> unsetenv LANG

2. For non-English locales, set LANG to the proper locale. ISO patches may be required for your modified "LANG" setting. If you are already following the Xilinx recommended operating system patch guidelines, this may be sufficient to ensure the required locale support.

For the above suggestions to work, ensure that you have installed the patches required for Solaris as documented in the Foundation Series 4.2i Installation Guide and Release Notes:
AR# 11771
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