AR# 1184


Foundation Timing simulation - "BAX file <design> does not exist - XACT6 Design Manager process?"


Keywords: timing simulation, BAX, does not exist, XACT6

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I enter the Timing Simulator in the Foundation tools, the following pop-up
window appears:

BAX file <design> does not exist.
XACT6 Design Manager Process?

This message is displayed when the Foundation Project Manager is unable to locate
a timing simulation netlist for the project.


If the design has not yet been implemented, click "Yes" to start the Xilinx Design Manager.

When you implement the design, be sure to check the box next to "Produce Timing
Simulation Data" in the Design Implementation Options window (under Setup->Options
in the Flow Engine). When you exit the Design Manager, the Foundation simulator will load
the design.

If the design has already been implemented, ensure that the "Produce Timing Simulation
Data" box was checked.
AR# 1184
日付 04/04/2001
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