AR# 11840


F3.1i - Schematic Editor: SC caused an General Protection Fault in SC_CONN.DLL at 0008:2221


Keywords: F3.1i, schematic, General Protection Fault, SC_CONN.DLL, 0008:2221, crash

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to add a hierarchical input on a schematic sheet, Schematic Editor will crash after issuing the following message:

"SC caused a General Protection Fault in module SC_CONN.DLL at 0008:2221.
Choose Close. SC will close."


To prevent this error, copy the complete schematic and paste it into a new empty schematic sheet. Then, add the hierarchical connector and save the schematic.

This problem will be fixed in Foundation 3.3.08i. Service pack 8 for F3.3 is available at:
AR# 11840
日付 08/15/2002
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種類 一般
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