AR# 12112


4.1i NGDBuild - The IOBDELAY=BOTH attribute is not accepted when it passes through the EDIF


Keywords: attribute, IOBDELAY, passed, EDIF

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to pass the IOBDELAY attribute through Synplify, the following entries are reported in the EDIF netlist:

(port input1 (direction INPUT)
(property LOC (string "P3"))
(property IOBDELAY (string "BOTH"))

When I run the EDIF netlist through implementation, the following warning is reported in NGDBuild:

"WARNING:NgdBuild:483 - Attribute "IOBDELAY" on "input1" is on the wrong type of object. Please see the "Attributes, Constraints, and Carry Logic" section of the Libraries Guide for more information on this attribute."

The Libraries Guide states that the IOBDELAY attribute can be applied to any IOB element (pad, buffer, or net); how do I apply this attribute to my IOBs?


To work around this problem, apply the IOBDELAY attribute via the UCF, using the following syntax:


This issue will be fixed in the next major software release (after 5.1i).
AR# 12112
日付 08/12/2003
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