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AR# 1220

*Obsolete* JTAG - How do you turn on JTAG circuitry via XDE and EPIC for XC4K/XC5K devices?


Keywords: epic, xde, bscan, boundary scan, jtag, 4k , 5k, activate, xc4000, xc5200

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do you turn on the Boundary Scan circuitry in the XC4K/XC5K devices after configuration?



1. Load the ".lca" file in XDE

2. type 'eb bscan'

This will bring up the editblock window for the BSCAN block.

3. In the editblock window, select the "used" text, which is by the BSCAN line. You will see the "used" text turn red.

4. type 'endblk'

5. You should now see that the TAP pins and the BSCAN symbol are "used"; The color of these blocks will have changed from yellow to gray.


1. Load the ".ncd" file in EPIC.

2. In EPIC, do a Find for the BSCAN site.

3. Select Edit -> Add.

4. Select the BSCAN site by clicking on it.

5. Now use Editblock to open the block.

6. Select the checkbox next to the "USED" text. Save the ".ncd" file.
AR# 1220
日付 09/22/2005
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