AR# 12248


6.1i NGDBuild LogiCORE PCI-X - ERROR: NgdBuild:393 - Could not find INST(S) XPCI_WRAP/XPCI_CORE/XPCI_INIT in design PCIX_TOP


General Description: 

An error similar to the following occurs in NGDBuild when I run a command line script to implement the Xilinx PCI-X LogiCORE: 


"ERROR:NgdBuild:393 - Could not find INST (S)'XPCI_WRAP/XPCI_CORE/XPCI_FRAMET' in design 'PCIX_TOP'.  



These errors are generated when NGDBuild cannot find the netlist for the PCI-X core. The netlist for the PCI core is called  



This file is located in the following directory: 




The XPCI directory must be sourced by the NGDBuild command line. 


Command Line Example


ngdbuild -sd ../../src/xpci  

-sd ../synthesis  

-uc ../../src/ucf/2v1000fg456_64s.ucf  



The best implementation method is described in the implementation guide, which is located in the <LOGICORE_PCI-X_INSTALL_DIR>/docs directory.


The "" file represents the PCI-X LogiCORE. NGDBuild takes in this file and merges it with your netlist. The resulting file is a single NGD file that contains both the user application and PCI-X LogiCORE.

AR# 12248
日付 05/14/2014
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