AR# 12295


4.1i Install - When I run Xilinx tools from a network location, an "Access Denied" error is reported.


Keywords: Install, access, permission, permissions, file, denied, network, remote

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
My Xilinx Tools are installed on a remote network location; when I try to run them, an "Access Denied" error is reported.


This error is caused by an installation to a remote network location that does not set executable permissions for all users.

This can occur because:

1. Installation was done from a PC to a UNIX server where the installer's file-sharing defaults are set to block out certain file permissions;
2. An installation is done to a NAC or Samba server with default file permission settings that restrict executable permissions.

Either of these installations will enable the owner of the machine that ran the installation to have executable file permission. However, other users will only have readable access; this causes "Access Denied" errors for any executable file in "$XILINX" on the network location. This is due to a default setting on the network, which cannot be changed by the Installer.

The resolution for this issue is to have an IT Administrator set all executable files to be accessible to all users.
AR# 12295
日付 11/05/2003
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