AR# 1239


Xsimmake (5.2.x) patch needed for Workview Office (Windows 95 and NT)


When Viewlogic developed Workview Office, they changed the name of the
DOS-based VSM executable. They did this to give the name VSM.EXE to the
Windows-based GUI. Therefore the old VSM.EXE became VSM_NGUI.EXE. This
has caused a problem with XSIMMAKE, because it calls VSM.EXE and expects it
to be the DOS version. Hence the need for the patch.

This patch also fixes some errors that are encountered in VSM and VSMUPD.

This patch was tested with Workview Office 7.2, but is intended for all
earlier versions of Workview Office on Windows 95/NT, except WVO 7.1.2,
which is for Windows 3.x. Workview Office 7.1.2 does not require a patch.

This patch is not for use with Xilinx M1.


Download this file:

Replace c:\xact\data\xsimmake.xfw with the one in this zip file. This patch
is for the Windows 95/NT versions of Workview Office up to and including 7.2.

For Workview Office 7.3 and newer, there is a different patch, WVOSIM73.ZIP,
located in the same directory. For more information about the differences in
this patch, see (Xilinx Solution 2011).

NOTE: These patches are NOT for use with Xilinx M1.

Make sure you keep the original Viewlogic names of VSM.EXE and VSM_NGUI.EXE.
If you have changed them to work around this problem, please change them
back, as these are what the new xsimmake.xfw expects. Don't forget to
change Tools -> Create Digital Netlist in Viewdraw back to VSM.EXE.

One final note - if you are running a timing simulation with the
S<DESIGN>.VSM file and you do not see the data annotated to the sdesign
schematic, run this command at the Viewsim prompt:

schemnan sdesign

where sdesign is the name of your top-level design prepended by an "s".
You can even add this to your command file.

Note: This patch does not address error 8037, which may occur if your
license is on a network and you do not have a local hardware key. Viewlogic
is still looking into this problem.
AR# 1239
日付 10/07/2008
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