AR# 12529


7.1isp3 FPGA Editor - After adding probes, why does the program crash when I run BitGen or DRC check?


Urgency : Standard

General Description:

When I add a probe in FPGA editor and then try to run BitGen or DRC check, FPGA Editor closes with no warning or error message.

Why does this happen?


To work around this issue:

Try to route the probe and save the ".ncd" file. Close the FPGA Editor, then re-open and run DRC check or BitGen.

Another method that might succeed to work around this issue is to change the IOSTANDARD of the PROBE to match the same IOSTANDARD that is currently being used in that bank:

1. Select the probe with the 'hilite' button.

2. Find the IOB and then double-click it to open it.

3. Once in it, click on the editmode button (on the right) until you have "read write" selected. Once you are in that mode, you can click "editblock" and the IOB will turn from grey to black.

4. Then, check the IOSTANDARD you want to use in the IOSTANDARD box.

5. Save. You should now be able to pass DRC and run BitGen.

AR# 12529
日付 12/15/2012
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