AR# 12544


5.1i CORE Generator - Installing updates to the network from a PC takes several hours when I use the Updates Installer tool


Keywords: CORE Generator, COREGen, update, cores, installer

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I install update files using the Install Cores Tool, the installer takes several hours or appears to hang.

For a 50 MB zip file, the installer should take less than ten minutes to complete on a Solaris machine. The installer should take the same amount of time to complete on a PC (hard drive). However, it takes a much longer time for a PC installation to a network location. The installation eventually finishes, but it takes several hours to unzip all of the files.


If certain virus scan applications are running on your PC, the installer can take an unreasonably long time. Disabling the virus scan on your system should allow the installer to run at normal speed.

The Updates Installer has been disabled for the remainder of the 5.x release. A problem found late in the 5.2i release allowed the installation of IP updates that were incompatible with the installed Xilinx software version.

For information on the latest available CORE Generator IP updates, refer to the Xilinx Software Updates page and follow the instructions for downloading and installing these updates manually.

AR# 12544
日付 01/30/2014
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