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AR# 12651

POS PHY L3 - A two-channel Link Layer VHDL Evaluation Model reports errors when the testbench is compiled


General Description: 
When I compile the sample testbench for the evaluation version of the two-channel POS PHY Level 3 core with MTI v5.4c, the following error messages are reported: 
"# ERROR: Recompile libs/pl3_link_2ch_eval.pp3ll_1_2 because ../../../simprim_ds1/libs/ simprim_eval.vcomponents changed. 
 # WARNING[1]: ./tb/pp3lldtb.vhd(275): No default binding for component: "pp3ll_1_2". (No entity named "pp3ll_1_2" was found)  
 # -- Loading package attributes  
 # -- Loading package std_logic_misc  
 # -- Loading entity pp3lldftb  
 # ERROR: /products/modeltech.ver5_4c/modeltech/bin/../sunos5/vcom failed.  
 # Error in macro ./vcomt.do line 6"


You can avoid these errors and warnings by performing a "refresh" on the compiled simulation model for the core: 
vcom pl3_link_2ch_eval -refresh
AR# 12651
日付 05/14/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般