AR# 12802

6.1i PrimeTime - What is formal verification?


Keywords: PrimeTime, formal, verification, 4.1i, 5.1i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What is formal verification?



Formal verification is an algorithmic-based approach to logic verification that exhaustively proves a design's functional properties. Typically, there are two types of formal verification:

1. Equivalence Checking - This verifies the functional equivalence of two designs, which can be at the same or different abstraction levels (e.g., RTL-to-RTL, RTL-to-Gate, or Gate-to-Gate). It is used for design implementation verification.

2. Model Checking - This verifies that the implementation satisfies the properties of the design. It is used early in the design creation phase to detect functional bugs.

PrimeTime is a Static Timing Analyzer tool, and Formality is a Formal Verification Tool.


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