AR# 1291


Foundation: Keylock (Sentinel driver) must be upgraded after an upgrade from Win3.1 to Win95


After upgrading from Windows 3.x to Windows 95, the user
may lose access to the Foundation XVHDL synthesis tool.

Foundation XVHDL uses a Windows-based keylock driver. This
driver is different for Windows 3.x and Windows 95.

All other Foundation and XACTstep programs use a DOS-based
driver, which does not need to be changed after upgrading to
Windows 95.


When upgrading from Windows 3.x to Windows 95, the following
changes need to be made in order for XVHDL to properly use
the keylock. These changes should be made after upgrading to
Windows 95.:

1. From the Start menu, select "Run" and then type "SYSEDIT"
without the quotes.

2. Select the SYSTEM.INI window and find a reference to
SENTINEL.386 in the [386Enh] section. Place a semi-colon
in front of the line that references the SENTINEL.386
(this will cause Windows to ignore this line). Save
changes and close the window.

3. Using Windows Explorer, open the Windows\System folder
and locate a sub-folder (sub-directory if you prefer the
older terminology) called RNBOSENT. Delete this folder
and all files within it. Note: this folder is NOT
always present. Ignore this step if this is the case.

4. Close all programs and restart the computer.

5. From the Foundation CD-ROM, locate the DRIVERS folder
(sub-folder of ACTIVE). Within this folder is a program
called SENTW95.EXE.

6. Start the SENTW95.EXE program, select from the Function
menu to Install Driver. Accept the defaults and when
finished, restart the computer again.

7. Foundation is now ready for use.
AR# 1291
日付 08/15/2002
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